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Profitability Analysis

It’s simple! Proprio Investissement is your partner when it comes to income-producing real estate. Each of the ratios provided has a brief description and the formula to use to calculate it.

Not only does the software provide you with the most popular performance ratios, it goes beyond the rate of return on investment. It considers the crucial factors that will help close the most difficult deals. Proprio Investissement can even calculate the return of investment on the down payment with capitalization and appreciation of the building. You will have the exact results for the property.

  • Most commonly used ratios on the market.
  • Return on investment of the down payment after capitalization and appreciation.
  • Generalized theory with concise explanation

Evaluation of the Selling Price


This function calculates the selling price of a property based on the desired rate of return on investment. It is a quick and easy way to assess the value of a building.




It is possible to compare as many income properties as you want with Proprio Investissement to emphasize the important features of each property. The comparative analysis will allow you to make better decisions according to your priorities.

Financial Forecast

The investment is not profitable today, but will it be in two years? Is this a good time to purchase the property? Proprio Investissement paints the portrait of the investment in question and offers the possibility to see the growth of the investment over the years thanks to the parameters specified by the user. Financial forecasts are made based on inflation, income and expenditure forecasts.

Taxes are automatically calculated if you want them to be, which allows you to assess cash flow at the end of the year. In addition, you can show the buyer the time required to achieve his return on investment considering the profit generated by the building, capitalization, and appreciation.

  • Evolution of investments over a 5-year forecast
  • Inflation of income and expenses
  • Calculation of taxes

Integrated Analysis Review


Whether you are a beginner or an expert, it is always best to be reviewed to prevent any mistakes in your report. This is why Proprio Investissement reviews your analyses for you. In fact, our software will even recommend options to guide you in the right direction.

What is the acceptable standard for a particular expense? Proprio Investissement will tell you! Thanks to easy-to-understand symbols, you will know right away which element should be changed to achieve realistic results.



You can enjoy Proprio Investissement’s flexibility all through the software. Take a look at mortgages for example; you can add several different mortgages to finance a property (balance of sale, second mortgage, collateral) all under different conditions (interest rate, frequency of payments, etc.).

For expenses, you can insert as many recurring expenses as you wish depending on your needs (municipal tax, insurance, etc.) and fixed expenses (i.e. repairs and renovations). This is only a glimpse of the flexibility offered by Proprio Investissement.

Productivity tools

Email Your Reports

Need to send your report to a banker, client, or colleague? Proprio Investissement allows you to instantly email your report! You no longer have to carry important documents! The best part is that you do not have to worry about logging into your personal email to do this! Increase your productivity and keep your clients up to date and informed by allowing them to view their reports whenever they want.

Share Your Investment Analyses

You can share your real estate investment analyses with any other Proprio Investissement user, be it a colleague or a client. By doing so, the person who receives the report will be able to easily add their own scenarios. You can share a copy of the analysis in read-only format if you do not want the analysis to be modified.

When you share a copy of the analysis without restrictions, the user will be able to edit it in real time. You can even make an online presentation to your client!

Proprio Investissement Screenshots

Main Screen

User-friendly, customizable, realistic, and very affordable, Proprio Investissement is the real estate investment analysis tool to use before any transaction.

Automatic Analysis Review

Your results will be reviewed in seconds! According to the different icons, you will know what is acceptable and what is not.

Selection of Reports

You can even ask the software what information to print so that the report contains only what you need.

Financial Forecast

Proprio Investissement paints a portrait of the investment and offers the possibility to see its growth over the years thanks to the financial parameters specified by the user.


Enter as many expenses as you want. Your annual expenses can either be entered as a annual amount or as a percentage of the effective gross income. Predicted expenses can even be forecasted in financial scenarios!


Comparison of an unlimited number of buildings or financing scenarios. Investors can make an informed decision.

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